Vishy Anand unlocks your Game

Vishy Anand unlocks your Game

I will be analysing games of my learners and teaching them how to get to the next level

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Learn live with me,
Viswanathan Anand

5 time World Chess Champion

What you'll learn


Learn to Think Systematically like a GrandMaster


Play more consistently. Learn how to judge a position correctly


take full advantage of the resources you have


whether to attack or to defend and how to proceed to the right endgame

Course Plan


Opening Analysis

Personalised Game Analysis to strengthen your opening repertoire. Based on your games, will identify typical ideas you can use and also what you should try to avoid.


Openings Refined

Higher conceptual study of the openings. Understand the reasons why the typical moves are made. That way, you will be able to form a new plan yourself.


Evaluating the position

Understanding how to assess a position before proceeding. What are the factors you should look for in a position to evaluate it correctly and come up with a plan.


How to Defend calmly

Learning how to Defend well. Calculation training and learning various defensive techniques to beat off unsound attacks.


The Art of Attack

Learn to fight for the initiative. How to identify a weakness and bring all your pieces to bear on that weakness.


Formulating a Plan

Deciding your game strategy. Is the position equal, unbalanced? What is your opponent aiming for. Now you can learn how to execute a plan while taking into account your opponents resources.

Why join my
learning community

Dedicated question and answer sessions

In addition to the live interaction during each class, get answers to all your questions and get greater clarity with special, dedicated sessions.

Learn and participate - anytime, anywhere

When you join this course, you can access all the course material on the website and Graphy - Learning communities app available for both iOS and Android devices.

Frequently asked questions

People who an approximate level between 1200-1800 and would like to systematically improve on their game.

You can email all your queries at

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Personalised Game Analysis from the 5 time World Champion, to give you an edge in your next competition

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